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At GemStoneFacts.com we seek to help anyone who has an interest in precious and semi-precious stones. It doesn't matter why, we only want to share in the interest. This site came as a result of a school report on Rubies that sparked enough interest to drive us to build this site and share what has become a facination with every aspect of these geological marvels. When you realize that many of these stones shouldn't even exist given the way we understand the world to work, you gain an appreciation for why they have becomes symbols in virtually every society on earth.

Fact: Gemstones are used in many industries other than as ornamental jewelry, though that is their most prolific use.

Fact: Some Gemstones are the same elements but with different names. Sapphire and Ruby are an example of this.

Fact: Rubies rate 9 on the hardness scale and only Diamond beats them among gemstones.

Fact: We hope you like this site and find it useful!

Our current highest ranked jewelry site is: flawlessgem.com

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